Our Products and Services

Polished Concrete

Polished Concrete

State of the art equipment and multiple industry certifications have allowed us to successfully complete projects ranging from 1,000 to 75,000 square feet throughout the state of Colorado.  Polished concrete offers end users a low maintenance and highly customizable flooring alternative.  By reusing existing concrete substrates the polishing process is incredibly eco-friendly.


Concrete Construction

Precision Concrete & Polishing serves General Contractors, Businesses, and Homeowners on commercial, retail, institutional, and residential projects. Our direct experience  with the Ready Mix industry provides a distinct advantage when dealing with the volatile nature of concrete.


Stamped & Patterned Concrete

Concrete can be formed, imprinted and scored to meet most any design demand. Recreation of the look and feel of wood, natural stone, and tiled surfaces can be achieved in both interior and exterior settings.  Decorative scoring, texturing, and geometric patterning provide unique design elements for more contemporary or retail environments. Our artisans strive to meet clients’ exact specifications.  Involvement throughout the design, preconstruction and installation process insures successful projects and happy customers.

Exposed aggregate finish

Exposed Aggregate & Sand Finishes

Exposed aggregate and sand finishes allow your hardscapes to more cohesively blend with the natural environment.  When paired with an integral concrete color these finishes provide a warm and organic feel to outdoor living areas.  They also provide a maintenance benefit in Colorado’s extreme freeze thaw environment, by lessening the occurrence of surface blemishes such as scaling and spalling.


Dyed & Stained Flooring

We offer our customers a nearly limitless palette of vibrant and earth toned stains or dyes. Weather your design requires a sleek modern look or weather mottling Precision Concrete & Polishing can provide a solution.  Every installation involves hours of consultation and sampling to insure you receive the floor you imagined.  We can also offer a wide array of sealing systems both topical and penetrating.  Glossy, matte or polished surfaces are possible with products and equipment in our arsenal.  If LEED or Low VOC compliance is a part of your project we have a great deal of experience with a variety of “green” concrete flooring products.


Concrete Coatings

Decorative and functional concrete toppings can transform both new and old slabs.  Chemical and cementitious coating options exist to fulfill most any design or structural requirement.

Concrete repair

Maintenance & Repairs

Like any flooring surface, Decorative concrete requires maintenance.  While the cost and frequency is lower compared to other surface types, concrete’s porous nature requires experienced maintenance professionals to protect and preserve your investment.  There is no better advertisement for our company than to keep your floor looking its absolute best through our scheduled maintenance services.

When your surface requires more than routine maintenance to look its best, we can help.  Colorado is a concrete killer.  Constant cycles of freeze-thaw and intense UV exposure can leave even the most expertly installed slab looking tired.  However, advancement in concrete overlay and sealing products allow us to correct and prevent many common surface problems without the hassle and expense of demoltion and replacement. In the rare cases where your concrete cannot be saved, we have the experienced staff and necessary equipment to give your concrete hardscape a fresh start.  We are proud to serve Homeowners and Property Managers in the resort communities of Vail and Aspen on repair projects of all shapes and sizes.