Concrete Coatings

Concrete coatings

Decorative and functional concrete toppings can transform both new and old slabs.  Chemical and cement-based coating options exist to fulfill most any design or structural requirement.

Types of Concrete Coatings

  • Epoxy Coatings
  • Urethanes
  • Solvent Based Sealers
  • Water-based Acrylics

Epoxy coatings, urethanes, and acrylic concrete sealers have many application specific benefits. When used on indoor or outdoor concrete slabs they can provide protection and longevity.  Chemical coatings also have many decorative and architectural uses.  Coating applications range from the basic coloring of garage or warehouse floors to providing sleek, high gloss and vibrant finishes for contemporary residences or showrooms.  Coatings and sealers are also often used as the final step in most concrete installations, providing protection for other structural and decorative concrete applications.

Re-sealing of decorative concrete installations can restore them to their original beauty.  In a matter of hours decorative hardscapes can be made new while protecting them from future UV exposure and deicing chemicals.

Types of Concrete Toppings

  • Trowel-able Overlays
  • Micro-toppings
  • Self-leveling Overlays
  • Polish-able Overlays

Concrete toppings and overlays are used to permanently cover up surface imperfections in existing concrete.  Some are used to provide a seamless, flat surface for other floor coverings, while others are meant to be a finished product.

Functional exterior overlays can provide a cost effective alternative to complete tear-out and replacement of concrete driveways, loading areas, parking lots and sidewalks.  The composition of these products often yields a finished product superior in strength and integrity to the original concrete flatwork.

Decorative exterior overlays can be a quick and cost effective way to spruce up a home’s hardscape areas.  Whether stamped, colored, or stained concrete toppings can complete rejuvenate and transform exterior living spaces.

Micro-toppings and self-leveling or trowel-able interior overlays are perfectly suited to commercial, retail and contemporary residential designs. A wide array of colors, textures, and finishes are achieved with these products.  With strength yields in the high 6000 psi range they also offer an incredibly durable surface when combined with the proper concrete coating or floor finish.

Polish-able overlays are the latest in concrete resurfacing technology.  They have opened up the possibility of adding a polished finish to even the most worn interior slab.  The high strength of the overlay material allows for a very durable and in some cases seamless finish, free from saw cuts and control joints.