Concrete Maintenance and Repairs

Concrete repair and maintenancePrecision Concrete & Polishing Inc. proudly offers a wide array of concrete maintenance and repairs.  From simple power washing of exterior slabs, to full concrete tear-out and replacement, we are ready to take on projects large and small.

We are proud to serve Homeowners and Property Managers in the resort communities of Vail, and Aspen as well as Denver on repair projects of all shapes and sizes.

Polished Concrete & Decorative Floor Maintenance:

Like any flooring surface, Decorative concrete requires maintenance.  While the cost and frequency is lower compared to other surface types, concrete’s porous nature requires experienced maintenance professionals to protect and preserve your investment.  There is no better advertisement for our company than to keep your floor looking its absolute best through our scheduled maintenance services.

Exterior Concrete Repair & Maintenance:

When your surface requires more than routine maintenance to look its best, we can help.  Colorado can be a concrete destroyer.  Constant cycles of freeze-thaw and intense UV exposure can leave even the most expertly installed slab looking tired.  However, advancement in concrete overlay and sealing products allow us to correct and prevent many common surface problems without the hassle and expense of demolition and replacement. In the rare cases where your concrete cannot be saved, we have the experienced staff and necessary equipment to give your concrete hardscape a fresh start.

Interior Concrete Repair & Maintenance:

Uneven or unsound concrete substrates can be a huge problem during commercial renovations.  We are equipped to level, repair, and prepare most any concrete slab. Our grinding equipment can remove glue, mastic, and underlayments to prepare your surface for floor finishes.  Concrete toppings can also be used to fill and level imperfections when a seamless substrate is necessary.  We also specialize in demolition & replacement of concrete slabs for mechanical trenches.