Dyed and Stained Flooring

Dyed and stained flooring

We offer our dyed and stained flooring customers a nearly limitless palette of vibrant and earth toned stains or dyes. Whether your design requires a sleek modern look or weathered mottling Precision Concrete & Polishing can provide a solution.

Every installation involves hours of consultation and sampling to insure you receive the floor you imagined.  We can also offer a wide array of sealing systems both topical and penetrating.

Glossy, matte or polished surfaces are possible with products and equipment in our arsenal.  If LEED or Low VOC compliance is a part of your project we have a great deal experience with a variety of “green” concrete flooring products.

Concrete Dyes are the latest progression in concrete coloring.  They are easier to apply, less messy and more consistent in appearance than reactive stains. Dyes are available in both water and solvent-based versions.  Dyes are not UV stable and thus are not the best choice for exterior surfaces.

Concrete Stains chemically react with concrete surfaces producing a variegated and mottled effect. Colors achieved are less vibrant and more organic feeling than those achieved by dyes. Techniques such as the use of salts and plastic sheeting can create a nearly infinite number of unique finishes.  Unlike dyes, most stains are UV stable and acceptable for exterior use.

Both dyes and Stains require some sort of protective treatment.  Mechanical polishing, epoxy or urethane coating, or acrylic sealers can all be used to protect and lock in the color of dyed and stained floors.  Regular maintenance with a decorative floor finish can add longevity and beauty to dyed and stained flooring installations.