Exposed Aggregate and Sand Finishes

Exposed aggregate and sand finishes

Our exposed aggregate and sand finishes allow your hardscapes to more cohesively blend with the natural environment.  When paired with an integral concrete color these finishes provide a warm and organic feel to outdoor living areas.  They also provide a maintenance benefit in Colorado’s extreme freeze thaw environment, by lessening the occurrence of surface blemishes such as scaling and spalling.

Also the surface texture created by exposing aggregate provides an extremely slip resistant finish, very helpful for traffic areas both residential and commercial.

Levels of Exposure

  • Micro Etch: Available in either Acid Etch or Sand Blast profile.
  • Medium Exposure: Available in exposures ranging from 1/8” to 1/2”.
  • Full Exposure: Available in exposures ranging from 3/8” to 1.5”.

Exposed aggregate and sand finishes can be further customized though the addition of integral color and/or concrete stains or dyes.  Matte, low gloss, and high gloss sealers can also create completely unique looks on any exposed slab.  Incorporating decorative scoring and saw-cuts also makes sand finished hardscapes stand out.

We have also had great design success using sand finished concrete slabs when transitioning from indoor to outdoor living spaces.  We have completed several residential installations with polished concrete floors in interior living spaces flowing into sand finished exterior slabs of a matching color.  This combination creates a very appealing and functional alternative.