Polished Concrete

Polished concrete

Polished concrete floors offer durability and longevity that other flooring solutions cannot. They also offer excellent abrasion resistance.   When properly maintained through low cost cleaning with a neutral pH detergent such as CreteClean Plus with Scar Guard and periodic burnishing, polished floors can attain a life cycle lasting more than 20 years.  In fact, polished concrete floors have a lower 10-year life cycle cost than any alternative floor coating or covering.

State of the art equipment and multiple industry certifications have allowed us to successfully complete projects ranging from 1,000 to 75,000 square feet throughout the state of Colorado.  Polished concrete offers end users a low maintenance and highly customizable flooring alternative.  By reusing existing concrete substrates the polishing process is incredibly eco-friendly.  Precision Concrete & Polishing Inc. is a proud member of the Concrete Polishing Association of America. We also hold process certifications for the Retroplate Concrete Polishing System and HTC Superfloor.

Polished concrete floors provide beauty, durability, and low maintenance requirements.  Although polished floors have a beautiful aesthetic look, the sustainable benefits of these floors may outweigh the attractiveness.

Polished concrete flooring also can qualify as a “green” or LEED friendly finish.  The process of concrete polishing creates a floor finish from existing concrete substrates. This “re-use” is a key component in LEED accredited design. Higher gloss level polished concrete can result in an increase in light reflectivity upwards of 30%.  Thus allowing designers to achieve the same lighting output while using far less energy. Polished concrete is also a fairly permanent installation.  There is no periodic re-installation as is the case with tile, and VCT, meaning less waste in local landfills.

Precision Concrete & Polishing offers the following types and levels of polished concrete:

Aggregate Exposure

  • Class A: Cream: Little aggregate exposure.
  • Class B: Fine Aggregate: Visible fines with little or no medium aggregate.
  • Class C: Medium Aggregate: Medium aggregate exposed with little or no large aggregate exposure.
  • Class D: Large Aggregate: Large aggregate exposure with little or no fine aggregate exposure.

Finished Gloss

  • Level 1: Flat [Ground]: Flat appearance with no to very slight diffused reflection.
  • Level 2: Satin [Honed]: Matte appearance with or without slight diffused reflection.
  • Level 3: Semi-Polished: Objects being reflected are not quite sharp and crisp but can be easily identified.
  • Level 4: Highly-Polished: Objects being reflected are sharp and crisp as would be seen in a mirror-like reflection.

Color & Other Decorative Options

  • Integral Colored Concrete Slabs: Color added directly to the concrete mix. Placed by Precision Concrete’s qualified installers or by others.
  • Penetrating Dye: An immense palette of colors is available from the vivid to the earthy.
  • Decorative Stenciling: Add personality to your floor with geometric patterns, company logos, personal quotes, animal prints, or any other custom design.  Stenciling can be finished via acid etch, sand blast, or contrasting dye color.
  • Decorative Scoring:  Create tile like patterns of any size and shape through saw-cut and scoring techniques.