Stamped and Patterned Concrete

Patterned concrete

Concrete can be formed, imprinted and scored to meet most any design demand. Replication of the look and feel of wood, natural stone, and tiled surfaces can be achieved in both interior and exterior settings.  Decorative scoring, texturing, and geometric patterning provide unique design elements for more contemporary or retail environments. Our artisans strive to meet clients’ exact specifications.  Involvement throughout the design, preconstruction and installation process insures successful stamped and patterned concrete projects and happy customers.

Patterned concrete can be used to beautify pool decks, driveways, entries, courtyards, patios and many commercial, retail and residential interior spaces.  The use of stains, dyes and integral colors provides a broad design palette.  Sand blasting, and acid etching combined with stencils can produce truly one of a kind looks for any hardscape.

Patterned concrete has many distinct advantages when compared to alternatives such a brick paving systems and natural stone.  Stamped concrete can be installed in much less time than either of the alternatives mentioned previously.  Seemingly infinite degrees of customization are another advantage of patterned concrete.  When compared to natural stone stamped concrete is also much more cost effective to install.  The seamless nature of stamped and patterned concrete eliminates the need for grass and weed removal that is part of living with natural stone and brick paving options.  When properly maintained via semi-regular cleaning and re-sealing patterned concrete is a product that will last for a lifetime.